PodCast Comments to Electeds

<p>Brian Russell over at <a href="http://www.audioactivism.org" target="_blank">Has been coming up with some good use-cases for "podcasting", like <a href="http://www.audioactivism.org/2005/02/26/slapcastcom-and-activism-send-podcast-audio-to-politicians/" target="_blank">this one</a>. It might be a misnomer to really call this stuff podcasting, rather it is using audio technology over the internetto deliver message to politicians. Brian suggests using telephone to mp3 services to let voters create testimonials that could then be given to elected officials. Given the slow pace of technology adoption by politicians, it would probably make a whole lot of sense to burn the comments to a cd and deliver it to a pol to listen to, rather than emailing them a link to download it, but sooner or later politicians or their staff will get savvy enough to download this kind of stuff.</a></p>