PDF: Municipal Wifi

<p>I have blogged about this before, bu ti just got out of the session on Muni Wifi with Andre Raseij and Dianah Neff from Philadelphia.</p> <p>The conversation was interesting, and hopeful, the big take away was that if we don't fight for muni wifi, the telcos are going to lobby to take it away, or prevent it from spreading.</p> <p>There are many interesting applicaitons for muni Wifi, and I have some great ideas, that i will ellaborate on later, but the teaser is: taxi cabs, anti car theft. stay tuned</p> <p>A quote from David Isenberg <em>“Freedom to connect, is like any other right, we'll have to fight, or they will take it from us in the middle of the night.�</em></p> <p>This was an echo of Andrew's statement "Access to information is a civil right." Unlike other civil rights though, people who lay claim to them generally know that they there is a right they should have. Do people know that they have a civil right to access information?</p>

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