NTEN: Podcasts coming soon…

<p>I did a little recording of some NTEN sessions, well one session, and then an adhoc round table with some great folks on friday evening. As soon as I get my powerbook I will start editing the audio and get some podcasts up. But while on the topic of podcasts… I am going to work with the medium differently than ones i have heard so far. Instead of assembling a long "show" I am going to great the building blocs of a show, "stories" if you will. Probably about 5 to 7 minutes. And a few stories will make up the show, but i think this will give the listener even more control of their listening experience.</p> <p>I had hoped to aske these 3 questions of a few more people that i had the opportunity to ask, so if you feel like answering them, call 206-203-3531 and leave your answers on the voice mail and will include them.</p> <p>1) Who was the most influential person you met at NTEN NTC this year? This should be a person you did not know before, and who opened your eyes, or taught you something that just blew you away. And why were the they most influential person you met?</p> <p>2) What do you do (in a nut shell) just a quick blurb about who you are and what your job is.</p> <p>3) Do you think you will come to NTC or a regional NTEN in the future.</p>

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