on PDF Live Chat

<p>via <a href=""></a></p> <p><cite>If you don't like being mocked by a live audience in real time, then don't be a talking head. This innovation sure made for an interesting backdrop to the standard five microphones and a few hundred people in the audience panel.</cite></p> <p>I thought this was a great quote. For the most part the chat during PDF was lively and helpful. You can read the [l:/?q=node/135|scripts] if you have some time on your hands (the clocked in at something like 70 pages).</p> <p>The chat did distract me from live blogging hte event, and now I am about to site down to try and bang out a post about the Doc Searls session and the Marty Kearns session from my limited notes… perhaps i will go back to the chat…</p>