Death of the Bronx Machine?

<p>[lk:|This article] by Andrew Wolf in the NY Sun raises a good point abou the reults of the mayoral election:<br />
<cite>If Mr. Bloomberg wins the Bronx and scores well among Latino voters citywide, the biggest loser will be Mr. Ferrer's political Rasputin, Roberto Ramirez, the former Bronx Democratic leader. Mr. Ramirez has become a millionaire promising candidates success in winning votes from the Latino community.</cite></p>
<p>Could Ferrer's crushing defeat (in all 5 boroughs) by Mike Bloomberg on Nov. 8th bring the end of the Mirram Groups political consulting operation? I mean if the firm can't deliver the Bronx with their home town candidate (who they have worked with through many elections) then when can they win the Bronx? or any other Borough?</p>
<p>Watch this blog for an analysis of how the consulting companies faired in the election (coming after the election).</p>

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