What Sessions Will You Attend at the NTEN NTC? Use This Downloadable Matrix To Decide!

It seems that every year there are more and more sessions at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), and it is harder and harder to decide which sessions to attend.

This year, CivicActions is not only proud to be a sponsor of the NTC ($2000 for scholarships), we’re also bringing seven people (Aaron, me, Ian, Jenn, Justine, Sadie and Zoey) on our team. With five people it is easier to cover more sessions, but this requires some coordination. I converted the NTC Session list into a matrix and put it on Google Docs so that we could collaboratively decide which sessions to attend, and have a record of it.

I figured, why waste the effort on just us? So here are two versions (and openOffice/NeoOffice version and an Excel version). Use them to help plan your session attendance.

I make no warranty as to the accuracy of this document, and as the NTC website says: “Sessions, session content, schedule and speakers are subject to change at any time before the conference.”

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