CivicActions Launches

Last week, CivicActions launched a new website, The site tracks solutions to climate change. Not little stuff like changing light bulbs, but the big solutions that will have immediate and measurable impact on the pollution causing climate change: green building codes, carbon caps, increased fuel economy. The premise of the project is that American’s are really all in this together. While we might find ourselves in specific constituency groups: young people, farmers, architects and builders, etc… based on our demographics, occupations, interests and beliefs, we really do have common ground when it comes to climate change and we – and the politicians – need to realize that. covers climate change news and related it to a set of high level solutions and a select number of constituency groups, and the leading presidential candidates. Users can signup for the site and subscribe to email updates based on taxonomy terms, or simply subscribe to rss feeds. The site offers 3: one for daily headlines about climate change, another for the blog and a third for some comic relief (blog posts on the lighter side).

In addition to the constantly updated content on the site, there are also explanations of the key solutions to climate change, profiles of the candidates and background information about the constituency groups. There is also a “Jargon Watch” glossary of terms and links to resources.

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