"These are people who are politically driven…"

<p>The New York Times reported a quote from George Bush earlier this week (it might have been last weekend, i tore the quote out but didn't note the date). that caught my eye for the extreme absurdity of it.</p>
<p>"No, these are people that are politically driven. They want to impose their vision on other people." OK, who do you think he is talking about? Sounds to me like the Christian Right, maybe Republicans in general? Could he mean Democrats?</p>
<p>He continued "That's what they're trying to do. And the United States of America must nver retreat and let them have their way."</p>
<p>He was talking about "the terrorists". But it does sound and awful lot like his party with their stem cell research bans, school prayer, abortion prohibition, creationism, etc…. It also sounds like what we are doing in the middle east: Politically driven, imposing our vision of democracy on foreign people and cultures….</p>
<p>The thing is, he is exactly right, though completely wrong. First off, he probably meant that "these are poeple that are idioligically driven," but ignoring that word retrieval error: The United States must never let anyone impose their political or idiological vision on anyone. Imposing anything it anti freedom. People came to America to escape the imposition of idiology or religion. Oh how far we've come.</p>
<p>We should be devending individuals and peoples' rights to chose what they want for themselves.</p>

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