In the News and Gearing up for October 3rd a joint project of teh Free Software Foundation and CivicActions got some digital ink this morning in the Chicago Tribune. Columnist Eric Zorn wrote about Amazon’s Unboxed license agreement which FSF ED Peter Brown described as:

[A] road map for what all content providers want to have down the line: Their goal is to have so many locks and gatekeepers that every interaction you have with copyrighted material becomes a transaction.

Cory Doctorow published a point-by-point analysis of the Unboxed license which represents some of the most restrictive and anti user DRM we have ever seen.

This is why we have declared October 3rd the “Day Against DRM”. DBD members around the world will be taking part in both virtual and meat-space actions to raise awareness of the dangers of
. Check out the site, join an action, or start your own. The only way DRM will fail is if people know about it (and don’t take my word for it, that line is borrowed from a Disney Exec!).

So what can you do in just a few minutes to help stop DRM?

  1. Add a Banner or button to your blog, or a blog post.
  2. Add a post to your Friendster, MySpace, Zaadz, Face Book or other social networking site.
  3. Join an actionin your area
  4. Email your friends and family on Tuesday to let them know about the dangers of DRM (you can learn more at

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