Craig’s List could be so much better

I have bitched about Craig’s List before, but i needed to blog this for once.

The Seattle Craigslist covers way more than Seattle. It might as well be called Western Washington CL. I am trying to find a dresser. I only want something close by, but i get stuff in Tacoma, Renton, Edmonds.

If CL simply had a zip code function, the utility of the site (and productivity of millions of Americans) would rise instantly. Basically, every posting on the classifieds would have a zip code field and the when searching you would be able to limit your search by zip code proximity.

Now, while I am making suggestions for CL, i would add that things like bike and motorcycle listings have extra fields that spur the poster to indicate year, size, make, model, style etc of the bike or motorcycle.

CL might have been amazing when it first broke onto the scene, but if you ask me, now it is an archaic technology that only has market share.

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