Slashdot | CA Sec. of State Panel on Open Source Elections

<p>[via <a href="">Slashdot | CA Sec. of State Panel on Open Source Elections</a>]:</p> <p><cite>"The Open Voting Consortium has announced that California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson is forming a panel to investigate using open source software in elections. Suggested Panel members include Security expert Bruce Perens and Python guru David Mertz who is associated with the sourceforge EVM2003 voting machine project. This is big since a favorable outcome could help fund prototypes of true open source election equipment and systems."</cite> </p><p>[l:|This (full artice on the Open Voting Consortium site)] is an exciting development, especially given my current work on the California Voter File for [|CivicActions]. I hope that we will release and promote our voter data standard to counties and states, the formation of this body is a good sign that California, for one, might be interested in it.</p>

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