NTEN: Watering the Grass Roots

<p>Chris from Democracy IN action is talking about nurturing online relationships by being personal, especially in email, and solicit their input, think of it like building a freindship.</p> <p>Establish regular communication: I have been telling this to everyone i work with for what seems like ages, it is the first step on the ladder of engagement, and it makes perfect sence.</p> <p>think about distribution and chapter development.<br /> Events are a good way to build "chapters" or local groups.</p> <p>Ok, this stuff is really not rocket science. Again, as was a thread in an earlier session: Online organizing and outreach efforts have to have a meat space counterpart. You can't ignore the real non online work.</p> <p>Chris just showed this software <a href="http://forwardtrack.eyebeamresearch.org/" title="http://forwardtrack.eyebeamresearch.org/">http://forwardtrack.eyebeamresearch.org/</a> as used by network for justice (also highlighted by marty kearns or dan robinson yesterday)</p> <p>Don't think of your list as just a list, really think about subscribers as people, two way communication with teh org and also communicate with each other—> GET LOCAL<br /> The psychology right now of established non profits is that you can raise money online and then use it off line.</p> <p>Andrew Hoppin from CivicSpace starts his presentation with a look at the Dean Campaign, he also talked about the Draft Clark campaign.</p> <p>OhMyNews is the biggest online news source in South Korea, all citizen reporting.</p> <p>Now he is tlaking about the blogospher, the progressive movement and civic organizations as separate from the blogosphere. CivicSpace is about building tools that help people more effectively work together. Civic envolvement and politics should not be thought of as completely separate. How can we blur those lines.</p> <p>and now we are going to speed geek!</p>

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