NTEN: On the Fly web tool deployment

<p>What do I mean by "On THe Fly Web Tool Deployment"? </p> <p>So we tried to set up a web chat yesterday, or rather "online" chat. we used an IRC channel at free node. The barrier to entry was kind of high. How many people are used to using irc? well not many. We had maybe 8 people in the chat, and not much happened in it.</p> <p>Last night I installed <a href="http://manuel.kiessling.net/projects/software/arsc/" target="_blank">ARSC (a real simple chat)</a> after Rich Cowan suggested that it might work. This morning some people logged in during the plenary, but guess what? IT DIDN'T WORK!<br /> Doh, well it worked in TXT only browser setting. </p> <p>Phillip from Canada sitting next to me suggested trying out this other chat client called <a href="http://www.atutor.ca/achat/index.php" target="_blank">AChat</a>. I downloaded it, I uploaded it up to my web host, and untared it, and it is UP and RUNNING.</p> <p>Check it out here <a href="http://www.gregoryheller.com/AChat" title="http://www.gregoryheller.com/AChat">http://www.gregoryheller.com/AChat</a></p>