Kerry Gives to DNC

<p><a href="">Kerry Gives to DNC</a> – <em>Sen. John Kerry "gave $1 million in campaign funds" to the DNC's "grass-roots organizing campaign, and is asking his network of political supporters to build on his donation to help Democrats compete at the state and local levels," the Boston Globe reports. "Kerry is earmarking the money for grants that…</em> [<a href="">Teagan Goddard's Political Wire</a>]</p> <p>Perhaps the DNC will use some of this money to develop a solid (opensource) voterfile and e-activist infrastructure that the state parties and local candidates can use? A perfect candidate for such deployment is <a href="" target="_blank">AdvoKIT</a> and teh DNC could fold their Demzilla data project into this valuable opensource web ap. If Moveon can have 3 million "members" why can't the DNC have 10?</p>