BBC on Pols Podcasting

<p>So mainstream media is finally starting to pick up on this development that will ruin (or revolutionize) the way media covers politicians. There has been recent coverage of pol blogging (driven by SF councilman's blog and others that have been in the news lately). </p> <p>But I haven't seen much about podcasting until I saw an article on which said this:<br /> <em>[l:|Podcasts are the latest attempt by politicians and their parties to directly beam their message to their supporters without having to go through the traditional media.]<em></em></em></p> <p>The BBC nails it: podcasting lets pols get their message out unfiltered at a relatively low cost. I've been saying it since (well i couldn't find a post on my site where i said it, but i feel like i have been talking about it for 2 months).</p> <p>[gh:node/108|On the bus saturday, Chalu, Ethan and I talked about podcasting].</p>

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