New york voters don't care for the 4th amendment

<p>[l:|A Quinnipiac Poll release yesterday found that "Of the 1,600 registered voters polled, 72 percent say they have no problems with the city's random bag checks of subway and bus passengers."] NY1 covers some of the breakout categories and questions, you can go there for more info. But I would jsut like to comment that the folks who are most likely to be the targets of racial profiling are also some of the least likely to be registered voters. And in a city of 8 million people where over half i think are foreign born, many not citizens thus not able to vote, is it really fair to survey just registered voters when asking about attitudes and opinions on basic freedoms and liberties? </p> <p>I would venture to guess that one of the factors (other than economic hardship/opportunity) that drive immigrants to america and NYC is their search for freedom and liberty.</p> <p>It would be more isntructive to know what all new yorkers think about the bag searches, not just voters with published telephone numbers.</p>