My Thoughts on The Three Pillars of Social Source

<p>I am in the process of reading [l:|"The Three Pillers of Social Source"]. And instead of waiting until the end to blog it (because who knows how long it will take me to get there–I have had the window up in my browser for the last two weeks– I figured I would just start now.<br /> [l:|Application integrators focus on delivering tools to clients. An application integrator is basically a fancy term for a technology consultant. These individuals and organizations specialize in listening to client needs and matching these needs with the right mix of technology and strategy through consulting processes that tend to be inherently labor-intensive. Integrators occasionally write code, but more as a means of extending or knitting together existing solutions than creating new applications “from scratch.â€?]</p> <p>I would say that I am an application integrator. And as such, particularly as one working in the non-profit/political sector, I feel a tremendous responsibility to the open-source community to steer clients in the FOSS direction as a way of leveraging small investments and giving back to the larger community of users and organizations.</p>