Viacom makes deal with Joost, GoogTube out of the picture?

Over the weekend I read about Viacom’s efforts to fight the Youtube/Google behemoth. Today Viacom announced they have made a deal with Joost (not even in open beta yet) to distribute their content (from networks like Comedy Central and MTV). So you’ll have to wait until the summer to watch your favorite episodes of the real world.

Two years ago, video on the web might have been a new and tricky thing to navigate, but today it would seem that you could get a site up before the summer time to allow people to watch video!

According to the NYT article, Viacom will get a split of the ad revenues from Joost, something GoogTube was not willing to offer (or not enough?).

Viacom has been diligent in requesting the removal of its content from YouTube in recent months. YouTube has let viewers know exactly why they can’t see their favorite daily show clips on the site.