Three Questions with Jakob Lodwick (of ConnectedVentures)

This is a short conversation with Jakob Lodwick of Connected Ventures. BarCamp is happening at ConnectedVentures’ office. Jakob works on and, a video sharing and social networking site. Yesterday Jakob lead a talk about soft links in social networks. I talked about it a little bit in my first podcast from yesterday. Basically the idea is that there isn’t just one type of connection between people, we have different connections, social networking applications should recognize that. The machines should be able to learn the strength of our connections based upon how we give our attention. If I look at your flickr pictures all the time, but not the photos of another contact, then flickr should stop showing me the other person’s and show me more of yours.

Last night Jakob and I talked a bit more about the idea of attention data, and click stream data. And in this podcast he brings this up again.

Here is another post about attention