"There is a virtue we believe in…"

<p>Last night I attended a gala fundraising dinner for Elliot Spitzer's run for governor. The room was packed, the event raised over $5 million! But what was really apparent is that Elliot is a great speaker. </p>
<p>I am not sure that any politicians today will turn phrases that politicians 50 or 100 or 150 years from now will quote (as Spitzer did liberally from Roosevelt and Lincoln). But one line stood out in particular to me.<br />
<cite>There is a virtue we believe in. It is called <b>competence</b>.</cite></p>
<p>I believe in this virtue, and one thing is clear, Elliot's got it!</p>
<p>Also, a wonderful criticism of the Republicans dominatate government in America today "Never have we done so much for so few who needed so little."</p>