Partisan Blog Traffic rising

<p>This was an interesting article on MyDD about partisan blog readership. I don't have much to add other than: wake up people who don't believe it! Blogs are the future! and as <A href="">Dan Gillmor suggests in <em>We the Media</em></a> blogs are just the next technology in a long tradition of partisan self publication that dates back to the pamphleteers of Revolutionary America and the authors of the Federalist Papers. </p> <p><A href="">MyDD's Bowers on Partisan Blog Traffic</a><em>Of the top fifty blogs that met the above listed criteria, twenty-six were on the right, and twenty-four were on the left. These twenty-six right-wing blogs combined for 6,077,648 page views per week, while the twenty-four left-wing blogs combined for around 7,918,437 page views per week. This is a roughly a four to three margin in favor of the lefty blogs, which has consistently been the margin between the two groups since I started these rankings in September. As a whole, these blogs receive more traffic than the websites of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News combined. By the 2008 election, blogs might become the number one online source of news for Americans. The rankings are in the extended entry. </em><br /> <A href="">read more of the original article</a></p>