New Paradigms in non-profit software development

<p>Picked this up from [l:|David Geilhufe]<i><br /> </i><i><br /> We think the future is a network of commercial and nonprofit entities that drive an open source community that develops software. We think nonprofits need to:</i></p> <p> 1. Act faster than they have ever acted before in adopting alien technologies and business models (open source).<br /> 2. Act in ways they have yet to understand (partners in open source communities that develop software).<br /> 3. Keep an eye on market and social forces that are foreign to them (open source ecosystems).</p> <p>It's a radical thought, but one with significant potential to meet nonprofit technology needs in an affordable, ubiquitous, effective,and understandable (to nonprofits) way.</p> <p>And I couldn't agree more. Why shouldn't non profits "own" the technology? And of course by "own" i don't mean keep it proprietary, but why should Npos live in a world where they are renting technology that they are helping to develop through their feature requests and useability feedback?</p>