John Edwards' First Podcast

<p>I just listened to <a href="" target="_blank">John Edwards' first podcast</a>. While i don;t think that it is in and of itself anything to write home about, the fact that John (and Elizabeth) are podcasting is. I am very excited for what the future holds for politicians and more importantly <i>leaders</i> podcasting. The internet truly is the new public square, and to have leaders getting up on the soap box and communicating to the masses is great. </p> <p>As someone who only recently made a first attempt at a podcast, I have to say that for their first one, this was pretty good (there were some hypercritical folks commenting on the blog at <a href="" title=""></a>). </p> <p>A few good additions would be audio comments and questions from listeners and perhaps a little less of the incidental chit chat (about sports for instance) but that is just me, I don't follow sports so hearing anything about it kind of turns me off. But pragmatically, the sports of the day doesn't hold up a week later when someone is listenting to the podcast. The questions and answers about polic issues, civic engagement and that sort of thing do hold up.</p> <p>Congrats John and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth (and the Edwards family) may your treatment and recovery be quick and full.</p>